Faces of the New World (2013)

Watercolor series of people I met during a trip trhough New Zealand. Me as an immigrant portraying immigrants aswell. Each portrait  was painted on "New World Customer Cards". New World is the name of a  supermarket chain.

''I Hope You Like It'', Javier Mansilla (None Gallery)

Chilean artist and musician Javier Mansilla has chronicled his New Zealand travels through a collection of watercolour portraits of ordinary New Zealanders going about their daily chores.

To emphasise the everyday nature of these brief encounters, he has painted the portraits on noticeboard cards from the supermarket chain where he met these people, creating ''Faces of the New World''.

The pun is a deliberate one; not only is it the name of the supermarket chain, but New Zealand is also a true new world for the artist.

There is a fear with this sort of work that the execution might not live up to the concept. In this case, the fear is unjustified, as the portraits are fresh and appealing, each nicely capturing some of the spirit of the sitter.

A nice touch is the addition, under each portrait, of a ''title'' in the form of a snippet of conversation between painter and paintee. These provide an often humorous juxtaposition to the works.

A second group of pieces, smaller in number but larger in size, is presented nearby.

This experimental series is of studies in various media of the nature of brick walls, and leads from pure figurative painting through to more expressionist sculptural pieces.